Don’t Get Stale

Everyone has been the new kid in town at some point. Whether you were a new apprentice on the job, or a student on their way to having a degree, there was a point in time when you didn’t even know what a PD stick was. What follows after that is how you become a talented and educated professional, helping people see the world in a better way. You reached your goal by earning your degree, completed an apprenticeship, and got your license and/or certification. Now what?  

You Have Two Choices

You can land an optician job working Monday through Friday and every other Saturday in a cute little optical or chain store, and recall what your instructor or sponsor taught you, as you advance in your career you will learn more as you go and on your way to becoming a better optician. It is easy to get stuck in a box, that’s why it is important to learn the new things that are ever changing in the optical world to bring to your staff and patients.  

Continuing education credits are all a thing we are familiar with. Whether its for a licensing state or ABO certification renewal, one must complete those hours of credits every few years to renew. Sometimes very fascinating, sometimes just refresher courses, these classes keep your brain moving. Why stop there? I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know that I like to feel educated about the products and technology I am offering my patients. When that patient comes to you with vision issues with their new glasses, I like to feel confident in my trouble shooting and assessment, and not just start pulling guesses out of thin air for a progressive remake.  

Using resources and continuing education can help you advance your career path. You can study and obtain advanced or master optician designations, attend vision conferences, you can volunteer and join colleagues with free vision clinics around the country and WORLD. There are groups of fellow opticians all around the country with blogs, facebook groups, and state societies that are willing to share experience and valuable information to you. Become friends with these people!

My advice to you is to not stop at the basics. Be involved and it will pay off. You will be valued more as an optician to your employer, colleagues and your patients. Your confidence will thank you. And so will that patient walking through the door, wanting the best possible vision they can achieve.  


It’s important to keep learning and growing as a professional, especially in fields like opticianry where new technology and techniques are constantly being developed.


Continuing education and seeking out additional certifications can not only improve your skills and knowledge but also make you a more valuable asset to your employer. And don’t forget the power of networking and connecting with other professionals in the industry – there’s always something to learn from others’ experiences and perspectives. 



Article written by Megan Maynard, LDO, ABOC

Find her here: LinkedIn


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