The Secret To Getting Published

Since I have had many people in our industry ask about how to get published, I thought writing about it would be helpful. Writing articles and having them published can do many things.

It can:

  • Establish your credibility as an expert on the topic of your choosing
  • Be shared and seen by people who you wouldn’t ordinarily reach
  • Grow your portfolio toward whatever professional goal you are trying to reach
  • Increase your visibility and create a level of trust for your professional stature
  • Teach and help others

The conundrum is that before getting published, most publishers want to see your previous work. So…

How do you get something published so you can use it to get published?

There are many less-mainstream publishers out there than you may be aware of. Time to be resourceful!

If you’re reading this then the first place I’d suggest is to start with ROWT! Visit the ROWT contributor page for information on how to submit article proposals.

Niche blogs: there are many opticians and frame reps who have their own blogs. Find them on social media and reach out to ask if you could provide an article to be published on their site. Most of these folks will be flattered rather than bothered. Example:

Product blogs: pretty much all frame and lens companies have their own blog. Some are on their main public website and some are completely separate blogs. If you’re a rep this is a no brainer, contact the marketing department at your company – I’m sure they would love a perspective from one of their own. Opticians, talk with the rep of your preferred lens or frame manufacturer and see who to contact. All of these options likely have posts go out to their list of subscribers too.

Non-print: website only sources often have much more content circulating, more frequently, therefore they need more content. This is a perfect opportunity for portfolio building. Look for podcasters too, they often have a blog on their pod page.

Collaborations: often times publishers are actively looking for contributors to a project. Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities. If you see questions being asked, they are looking for responses. One example is my monthly column in INVISION Magazine – I write a story and ask three questions, these are then emailed out to their subscriber list asking for responses, and these responses are then published with the story.

No opportunity is too small to start with! Get your foot in the door and your portfolio will start to grow.

Important! What to say:

Once you get the contact info for the right person you’ll need to reach out with your proposal. Introduce yourself and tell them a LITTLE bit about yourself. Tell them you would like to contribute to their blog by putting together an article about {insert topic here} and include a short summary of what that article would include. It doesn’t hurt to also mention that if they would prefer a different topic you’re amenable.

This email should be short enough that the reader sees a no-hassle quick and easy email to read, and long enough to get all of your points made. Your topic should be something that their readers would want to read, not just what you want to write about. It needs to provide value. Keep it professional. Remember, this email should be a help to them, not creating a new chore.

You will get told no and you will get no response back at times but keep at it! Once you have a YES then more will come!

ROWT Issue 3, Carissa Dunphy, Optician Now


Article written by Carissa Dunphy, ABOC

Find her here: Optician Now | Instagram | LinkedIn

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