How To Grow

WORD OF MOUTH! This is your number one marketing  strategy. Ask yourself who’s talking about you.

NETWORKING. Don’t underestimate yourself. The more doors you open the more opportunities you’ll run into.

LAUGH THE STRUGGLES OFF. It’s no biggie. Everyone has bad day, but it is really about how you get though the struggle that counts.

Mastering mindset, taking risk, and standing out.

Let’s get real. Your mindset is everything in sales. It can make you or break you in some circumstances. I know ,because I’ve been on the roller coaster for long enough. I have crashed and burned, wallowed in my “failure”, and let it drag me down mentally. Personally, I rather fail to learn than fail to quit. I’m here to help you turn your negatives into positives with a little advice and guidance along the way.

Attitude Check: Every time you prepare to walk into an office: check your attitude, prepare yourself by reviewing notes, and walk in with a smile on your face.

Listen to podcasts: I really love podcasts, especially when you find one that helps motivate you. My playlist is a mixture of things that interest me and things that elevate me. I highly recommend “The Art of Charm.” It’s my new favorite. Not only does it provide great sales advice, but it also helps me understand the phycological side of the business.

Find the positive in every communication: Dealing with rude people: Some people are going to be flat out rude to you.  If they are, don’t take it personal but don’t take their shit either. You have every right to do your job. If they are a current account and repeat offender, I would recommend having a private conversation. Take time to ask if something is wrong, is there something you can do to make visits more comfortable, let them know how you are feeling.

Take risks, but be prepared to take full responsibility for the outcome – for better or for worse. If you truly believe your out-of-the-box approach could move you closer to your goals or benefit the business then it’s a risk worth taking.

Stand up for yourself. You aren’t a door mat, you’re a professional. Be YOUR biggest advocate. Set boundaries with your clients and team. Limit your apologies, build your confidence, and don’t feel pressure to answer or react right away.

Article by Chelsea Langton, ABOC

Find her here: Optician Co. | Instagram


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