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 Welcome to Northwest Frame Repair.


Located in the small town of Stanwood, WA this little repair shop is packed with knowledge and personality. A small family owned business with many years in the optical industry. They started their business in November 2012 and haven’t looked back! They provide retail and wholesale repair services and have worked on frames from all over the United States!

I had the opportunity to visit Tiffany and her staff in August. The staff was laidback and welcoming.

They had stacks of some of the coolest frames I have ever seen ranging from luxury brands to antiques. Think “Pimp my Ride” but for eyewear. So, I asked Tiffany a few questions about her business and here’s what she has to say:

When looking back on the start of your career; what is the main reason why you chose a career in optical?

“I wish I could say it was because I was interested in it but at the time I simply needed a job. I had been working at NAS Whidbey Island Veterinary Clinic for many years as the office manager but was making a move to the Edmonds area. There was a receptionist/front desk position open at an ophthalmology practice and I went in for an interview.

I ended up getting the position and then some. Not only did I do the front desk receptionist work but I was also trained to do the special testing (visual field, OCT imaging, etc.) and I&R training for new contact lens wearers. That was the beginning of my interest in optics.

I kept going from there and applied to be an Apprentice Optician while working under some amazing specialty contact lens fitters in Seattle. At that point I realized that my true love was eyewear, not contacts so I looked for a new job where I could continue my apprenticeship with an optical that fit eyewear closer to home.”

Is there a specific person in your career that mentored you or helped you find your way?

“I was lucky enough to have found a shop through the optical grapevine that was looking to hire and was a 4th generation optical run by a father/son team at the time. This shop is where I learned my basic repair skills and fell in love with my craft. The fathers name was Fred Scheuerman and his son is Mike Scheuerman. I wish I had more time with Fred but we were only in each other’s lives for about 6 months before he passed away from cancer. I learned a lot from him during that short period of time. He was amazing at what he did and it showed. He had a special spark and his clients loved him. He could be the typical grumpy old man at times too but don’t get me wrong, I love grumpy old men! I am extremely grateful to both of them for everything they taught me during my apprenticeship. It was a wonderful place to work and we were like family.”

At what point did you decide to go into frame repair/restoration and open your own business?

After a bit into my apprenticeship when I had become comfortable with the basic repairs, my husband and I decided to create an online, mail in repair business that I would do outside of my normal day to day stuff of working full time, raising two children and doing house renovations, no big deal! We did not   advertise locally so as to not conflict with my employment at the time but rather nationwide. The business started out very small and for about the first 9 years or so it was out of our home. It has been about 10 years of slow growth, you know, that overnight success everyone talks about (sarcasm).

Share with us three rules you live by when working with frames:

  1. Handle with care – We work on many types of frames (all types really) and some are very old which requires gentle handling. Best to be in the habit all the time.
  2. Patience – If this was easy everyone would do it. Practice patience because not everything is going to go as planned but is worth it in the end.
  3. Each pair is important – The worth of a frame is not in how much it costs but in the worth that the owner gives it. We do our best on every frame regardless of the monetary value applied by our industry. The importance to the client is the focus. That is not to say we don’t recognize quality because of course we do but we do our best with each frame we handle. With that said not every repair is the same due to the differences in quality and what confines we have to work within.

If you could own any frame in the world what would it be and why?

Wow, this is a tough question but I would be elated to own any pair of Elton John’s glasses. However, I would be perfectly happy to just be able to work on any one of his frames let alone own one so if anyone has the connection, hook a girl up!

If you had one piece of advice for a new optician what would it be?

Find your niche and work hard at it. There is so much more to Opticianry than just frame sales. Not to discredit frame sales in any way. It takes a good eye and understanding of facial anatomy to be a stellar frame fitter. Regardless, be the best you can be at whatever it is you do within the field.
P.S. Never stop learning, even then, you will never know everything so stay humble!

What has brought you the most joy with the job you do today?

I LOVE hearing from my clients who are blown away by the work we have done. It makes me extremely happy to be able to restore a family heirloom or repair a sentimental frame. Oftentimes we are handling priceless pieces that can not be replaced. It warms my heart to know I brought joy to someone. I would also like to think that every pair we repair or restore keeps it from being another piece of “garbage” in a landfill somewhere. I love a new frame just like the next Optician but I think our society is built on this throw away culture that is not healthy and I like doing my part to repair what we can like the old timers did (much respect).

How can we find you?

Northwest Frame Repair online:

Best way to connect with you for people who wish to use your services?

We offer wholesale services to anyone in optical. You can email us at to request all of our wholesale information and get started using our services.

To any optical peeps, I will be in Vegas for Expo and would love to meet up! Reach out and we can get something scheduled!

Interview by Mikki Collins

Find her here: LinkedIn | Instagram

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