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Angeline SolisI knew there was a void in the optical industry when it came to social media strategy and management so I decided to be that voice and fill the void. While I was consulting optometry practices in Texas I started to help with their social media. I took a hands-on approach to find out what strategies work in this industry. What I discovered was there are many practices that find social media completely intimidating and put it at the bottom of their list. But when they have a simple action plan they can get big in-practice results by using social media.

I want to be your pal on social media to show you how to simplify social media so that your business can benefit from this marketing tool to reach your ideal patients and grow your business. With my clients, I focus on creating a simple strategy that works.

I understand how busy practice life can be so I want you to get the best return on that investment of time. We all know… TIME IS MONEY so let’s make the best of it. Today, I’m going to teach you how to set your Instagram bio up for success and you’ll also pick up some bonus tips along the way. So GRAB YOUR PHONE and let’s get to work!

First and foremost I want to help you “OPTIMEYEZ” your bio so that your social media “business card” is discoverable.

Breaking Down The Instagram Bio

Did you rush through the steps when you first created your IG bio?! You aren’t alone, I promise. When I start working with a new client the first thing I do is optimize their IG Bio.
WHY?! Because your bio serves as your social media

“Business Card”
It is the starting point before we go and create cool graphics, captivating content, highlight covers, or grid plans. An optimized bio will ensure that those views and clicks convert into new accounts visiting your practice or scheduling an appointment for you to show off your collection.

Here are a few tips for you to improve your IG bio right now:

  • Profile Pic: Add a picture of YOU! That’s right, we have to remember why social media was created. It was made for us to be SOCIAL and connect with others. It’s difficult to connect with a logo and potential patients want to see your face. Ask a staff member to take a picture of you with your favorite pair of. Be sure to use a plain background to make sure your face is easy to see the bio picture bubble.
  • Bio: Create a Bio that will attract your ideal clients. Writing a captivating bio can seem intimidating but keep it simple and add your personality. Create a sentence that says it all. Include a little about who you help, what you sell and a fun fact. Don’t forget to add the call to action at the end. Just add a simple arrow emoji to signal to the viewer what is the next step to set up an appointment with you or visit your website for a freebie or view the new collection.
  • Link Website: This has to be my favorite part of the profile bio because you can store so many valuable items that can help your audience. This is a way to show off your expertise and even your product. You will use a call to action in your captions guiding your audience back to this link so they can view more or schedule a call with you.
  • Location: If you have a business account be sure to add your location on your profile. It’s a great way to connect with your locals and for Reps it gives your audience an idea of what region you are covering. If you are using a creator account you don’t have the location feature but you can easily use the round push pin emoji and your city/ state you are located in.
  • Contact Information: Update your email address (a business email address that is viewed often). When a visitor clicks “Contact” they will be given an option to email you. Some folks prefer to contact you this way versus direct messaging.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website because there are a few online tools to help you out. I love using linktree for my clients that need to store multiple URLS in one place.

Here are just a few ideas that you can create links for :

  • Blog
  • Virtual Frame Gallery
  • Book a Call/appointment
  • Digital Resources- Frame Line digital images that are easy to share with your accounts
  • Upcoming Event Sign up

Bonus Tip

Update your name: You can change your “Name” to be different then your username. This is another great way to help with potential searches.

Don’t let social media get you down or overwhelmed. Just take it one step at a time and your hard work will start to pay off. “OPTIMEYEZING” your bio is the first step to showing up on social media and using it as a marketing tool.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at @soloperationsolutions where I simplify social media, give tons of tips, and make social media fun again for you!

Angeline SolisArticle written by Angeline Solis

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