How To Become A Million Dollar Office

Here is a little background before we get started. I have over 15 years in sales experience and roughly bring in between 620,000 – 750,000 each year just in optical sales. No matter what you want me to sell, I can sell it. The best part about my journey is I learned early on I don’t actually have to sell. All I had to do was genuinely like what I do, believe in my product and educate my customers on everything I had learned. The goal for every sales relationship is to have returning customers and for those customers to spread the word.

Stop Selling And Start Educating!

Know The Prescription

If you take the time to find the perfect pair of frames (let’s say 15- 20mins) and then sit down to take a look at your clients prescriptions and realize they have an Rx +/- 4 . Depending on the frame that was picked you might have to head right back to the frame board to start all over again because you picked a frame that’s going to hate the prescription. First step, look at the prescription so you can properly help your client pick the best frame.

Build A Relationship

Start by ask your client what they do for a living, do they already wear glasses (some clients will already know what they want to order), what are they looking for in their glasses. Questions will help guide you in the ordering process and make the client feel confident you are helping them with their $2000 frame and lens order.

Listen To Your Clients Needs

I don’t know how many times I have caught a “red flag statement” and was able to figure out what direction we actually need to be going in. Just because the client states reading glasses or they can’t handle progressives you need to start asking the client questions and LISTEN.

Educating Vs. Selling

Why sell when all you have to do is talk about what you love. As soon as you know their prescription you can educate the client on which frames will be the best f it for both face shape and Rx. Next you start to educate on lens options. You 100% do not have to pull out the Cheesecake Factory menu and tell them every lenses, material and coating available. That’s overwhelming and not helpful. Start with what you suggest after what you have learned about them, what RX they have and what product you have worn and love.

Create Spiffs For Opticians

Spiffs are fun and a wonderful way to keep inventory moving in your off ice. When you know you’ll be seeing a rep soon make sure to add that company to your spiff list so you can sell as much inventory prior to your next appt. I typically do between $5 to $35 depending on the frame company, how long we’ve had inventory and if insurance is involved.

Article by Chelsea Langton, ABOC

Find her here: Optician Co. | Instagram


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