Spooky Season Is Coming: Tips To Bring Spooky Decor To Your Office

Decorating for the holidays in your office can create a more personable environment for your patients and customers. Creating a fun space amongst the optical department at my practice is my favorite thing to do, apart from fit patients for glasses. I have the freedom to decorate the front of my office for every holiday, and doing so sends a message to the patients and staff that we (my coworker and I) enjoy what we do. One way we prepare for holidays is to keep a stock of many decorations so we can pick and choose what we want to use this year. My favorite season is fall, and my favorite holiday is Halloween. I always am the most excited person when it comes to decorating for Halloween because I love it so much. I try to use as many decorations as possible, without making the office look tacky. My favorite way to decorate is to disperse the decor amongst the frames and our desks to make the most out of the holiday.

Mini Jack-O-Lantern buckets are the easiest form of decor to use in our office because they don’t take up too much space while also giving off the Halloween vibes. Other holidays are fun, but Halloween takes the cake for me. Another way to decorate is to take any orange, purple, or black frames and create a display with that! It’s a great way to market those colors and make some frames stand out. Any figurines like scarecrows and ghosts are also good additions.

The best part about the holidays in the office is it can be fun but still kept professional. I myself am a horror fan(anything Halloween being my favorite), but I know most horror is gore and inappropriate so I choose the family friendly route when it comes to decorating for the spooky season. I know everyone’s office is different so use that as a baseline and go by what the rules are in your space. Holidays are the best parts of the year so, essentially, have fun!

Article written by Audra Ontiveros

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