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Instagram is extremely useful in our industry because so much of our work is visual. If you haven’t yet jumped on the Instagram boat I highly recommend doing so. Whether you’re new or an experienced Instagram user, knowing what others do can help you out. Here are my top tips (+1 bonus tip)!

Have a complete profile

Whether you have a storefront or are online only, your bio should be completely filled out with your about info, including a website URL. If you do not have a website then find something to link to that pertains to you – could be your Facebook or LinkedIn page or an Amazon affiliate seller page. If you are a practice, consider using your link for appointment scheduling. Keep in mind that you cannot have links in posts and your profile link is the only clickable link allowed, so use it!

Post consistently

There are many reasons why you should post regularly, with number one being that consistently posting is the best way to remain in front of others eyes. One thing that is very disappointing is when you visit a page and love what you see but then you notice that their last post was several months ago, it won’t convert you to a new follower. Another point is that Instagram power-users often use apps and software to filter out followers (amongst other things) and after a set period of time, usually 30, 60, or 90 days, if no activity is posted, said account is unfollowed. You won’t get followers when you don’t post but you could also lose followers by not posting. When I first started using Instagram I set 2-3 days per week to make myself post so I could ensure consistent activity.

Follow people and hashtags

You have to be seen to get followed and one way to do that is to follow other people. A recommendation is to find one or a few people that you like and see who they follow; Scan through who they follow and follow those people. Doing this is an easy way to find applicable and like- minded people. You should also follow hashtags! Search for a relative hashtag (ex: #opticianlife) and when the results appear, click “follow”. You can also see what hashtags people are posting, click it, and follow from there. Once you follow a hashtag the posts using that hashtag will appear in your feed, along with the people you follow.


Once you follow people and hashtags you need to interact with the posts that appear in your newsfeed. Like others’ posts, comment on posts, if you reshare a post be sure to cite the original photo’s source. Golden rule: if someone comments on your post, ALWAYS respond to comments! Commenting shows that you value your followers; it also creates more engagement on your posts which can bump them up to be seen in more feeds. On your own posts you can also “pin” your favorite comments to appear at the top of the comments so everyone else can see them.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are essentially clickable search results for that word. By including them in your post they will appear with other photos that are similar and tagged with that same hashtag. When people follow specific hashtags (as explained in tip 3) then the photos with that tag will appear in their newsfeed. Try to always use several hashtags that are relevant to the photo you’re posting. This is a good way to have your post gain exposure to more eyeballs, and potentially gain new followers. Make sure you write some sort of content or description with each post to give it context, followed by hashtags (don’t do hashtags only without a description).

Bonus Tip:

Reels are videos that can be up to 60 seconds long that display in the normal feed to your followers but also in a whole separate video area of the app. Video has a very large audience and this allows you to be seen by people who would have never seen you before had you not posted a video. You can take a video or use the tools within the app to combine photos and video clips to make a longer video, add music, text, and more. Be sure to post a description and hashtags like you would with any other post.

ROWT Issue 3, Carissa Dunphy, Optician Now


Article written by Carissa Dunphy, ABOC

Find her here: Optician Now | Instagram | LinkedIn

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