Frame Your Mind: Tips and Tricks to Frame Each Day Positively

I recently stumbled upon this quote, “LISTEN, LEARN OR LET GO”. This is what I choose to ask whenever I am met by the resistance of life. Listen, learn, or let go?” This quote instantly resonated with me, and I just said, YES! If I could just take each situation or encounter that gives opposition with this mantra, my frame of mind would be so much better for! Let’s be honest though, when we are running late to get to an appointment after rushing the family out the door, all to find out the person you are supposed to meet isn’t there today- frustration sets in. We are now halfway across town, next appointment is not for a few hours and instead of letting it go- we are left with me, myself, and I, which comes with a lot of rolling questions. It is in these moments, that happen all too often in sales, that we must ask ourselves: am I going to let a bad 20 minutes dictate my entire day, or am I going to realize I must LEARN and LET GO. To do the latter, we must put tools in place to get our frame of mind strong!

A MAJOR perk of this job is flexibility, I am constantly writing how grateful I am each morning in my journal for this very reason. A great way to start your day or end your day is with daily gratitude’s. Write down in the same place each day what you are most thankful for- training your mind to see the good vs. the bad keeps your mind at peace and helps set your intention for the day. Gratitude can set our morning in the right direction, but we have the power to choose our daily FLOW. It is important to be strategic about how we set our purpose for the day.

If you are a morning person, front l

oad your day: wake up, get your movement in, do most of the larger tasks in the morning/early afternoon when your mental game is strong and leave your afternoons for house-keeping items. If you need a more leisurely morning- flip the day. Having a degree in Kinesiology might make this part a little easier for me but MOVE your body. Set timers on your phone to stand up periodically from your desk, take a walk down the street, park further away from the door, or download the Nike training app (all free and have some SUPER short workouts). I get that having a full hour of workout time is hard, especially because this is more than likely not your only job but start small and eventually, you’ll get to those 30 minutes in no time!

For our flow to nourish us and not stifle us we need to set specific, measurable goals. This usually starts with creating a weekly, monthly to-do list, chunking your day, and having a priority planner. To ensure you are most productive set official office hours: start and end times as well as lunch time. What does lunch look like? Eating at the computer trying to cram a few more emails out OR does it look like you unplugging for 30-45 minutes to recharge and reset? The next piece is determining what are the top five items that you MUST get done NOW (this week) vs. what can I get done later that is not detrimental to my success? It’s like having multiple lines out in the water waiting for a bite. You have some closer to
shore that will get many nibbles, but you have some out in the deeper water waiting for the larger sharks. You need to tend to them all, but you need to prioritize which lines you give your most power to each week.

This last part of our frame is

not allowing yourself to be isolated- it is easy to sit in our car all day or at our home office spiraling and allowing those feelings of overwhelm in. To combat that, try looking into your local chamber of commerce, local networking organization (not even industry specific), and making time to meet up with friends or family members for lunch or dinner throughout the week. Try making a goal of going to one networking event each month. We know our best friend is word of mouth!

Setting goals and investing in yourself go hand in hand. It is usually easy when we feel good, look good and are mentally on point, but what about when we aren’t emotionally motivated? It is hard to set those goals, see the big picture or even want to get out of bed! To create a positive frame of mind we must first time care of our mind! I have found these five tips to be detrimental to my success. It is okay to take a pause and reset. Give yourself grace when stress and overwhelm creep in and REMEMBER- Listen, Learn or Let it go!

Article written by Valerie Sink

Find her here: LinkedIn

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